Cities and Sports is no longer running leagues.  Thank you!

Thank you to all the players that have played in the multiple sports.  Cities and Sports hosted multiple leagues and many sports with over 9,000 players playing with us.  We had a blast together!  If you are looking to play in another fun and friendly league we suggest you visit

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Thank you for another great 2018 Softball Season!!

Thank you for another great 2018 Softball Season!!

Spring Softball Starting April 2019!


We had another great time playing Saturday softball.  Great play from our spring and summer leagues.  We look forward to seeing you next spring and summer at Clarendon Park.  Have a great fall and winter.  


Softball Champs Waveland Force Out Infielder  



Congratulations to Winter Champs - Session One

Sunday Champs - Wrigleyville Both Intermediate and Recreational



Cities and Sports - Spring Kickball

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